New York Rangers All-Time Roster

Seasons with Rangers: 14 (4 as player from 1938-1941 and 1945-46; 2 as coach in 1954-55 and 1962-63; 9 as GM, 1955-1964)
Regular-Season Games with Rangers: 166
Playoff Games with Rangers: 25

Scouted and signed by Rangers as free agent in 1934.

Retired from NHL to pursue coaching career in 1946.

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NYR - Career Regular Season Stats
Season Team GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW S S%
1937-1938 Rangers 1 0 2 2 0
1938-1939 Rangers 48 1 10 11 64
1939-1940 Rangers 46 2 4 6 44
1940-1941 Rangers 47 2 8 10 21
1945-1946 Rangers 24 0 2 2 4
Team Totals: 166 5 26 31 133
NYR - Career Playoff Stats
Season Team GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW S S%
1937-1938 Rangers 3 0 0 0 2
1938-1939 Rangers 7 1 0 1 17
1939-1940 Rangers 12 3 0 3 13
1940-1941 Rangers 3 0 0 0 2
Team Totals: 25 4 0 4 34
March 17, 1938 (Rangers vs. New York Americans)

Most penalty minutes — 1938-39
Most playoff penalty minutes — 1939

Head coach — 1954-55, 1962-63
Career regular-season record: 43-66-27

Minor-league games: 159
Minor-league teams: Brooklyn (EHL) 1934-35; New York Rovers (EHL) 1935-36; Philadelphia (AHL) 1936-1938; Providence (AHL) 1945-46
Minor league teams coached: St. Paul (USHL) 1946-48; Tacoma 1948-1952

Nickname: Muzz
Full name: Murray Patrick
Uniform Numbers: 15, 2
Stanley Cup Champion: 1940
Retired from NHL: 1946

The son of Rangers original head coach Lester Patrick, Murray "Muzz" Patrick took a longer road to the Blueshirts than his older brother and longtime teammate Lynn, as he played in 157 minor-league games before arriving on the team for good in 1938.

After making the team at age 23, Patrick spent the next three years in a Rangers uniform before leaving to join the U.S. military from 1941 to 1945. he was one of the only Rangers to miss the entire World War II era due to military service, which included combat in Sicily and Southern France.

After World War II ended, Patrick, who had attained the rank of Captain, returned to the Rangers for one final season at age 30. Following his retirement, he spent two years as coach of the Rangers` USHL affiliate in St. Paul, Minn. He then moved on to serve as coach and general manager of the PCHL`s Tacoma Rockets and eventually returned to the Rangers as head coach in midway through the 1953-54 season.

In 1955, Patrick gave up coaching to become the team`s general manager — a job he held for the next nine years. During that time, he re-assumed coaching duties for the 1962-63 season before replacing himself with Red Sullivan.

In addition to his hockey skills, Muzz Patrick was an outstanding boxer, having won the Canadian amateur heavyweight title in 1934. He was also a star at basketball, track and cycling during his school years in Canada.

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