New York Rangers All-Time Roster

Name Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
EAKINS, Dallas D Feb 27, 1967 Dade City, Florida
EASTWOOD, Mike C Jul 1, 1967 Ottawa, Ontario
EDDOLLS, Frank D Jul 5, 1921 Lachine, Quebec
EGAN, Pat D Apr 25, 1918 Blackie, Alberta
EGERS, Jack LW Jan 28, 1949 Sudbury, Ontario
EMINGER, Steve D Oct 31, 1983 Woodbridge, Ontario
ERIKSSON, Anders D Jan 9, 1975 Bollnas, Sweden
ERIXON, Jan LW Jul 8, 1962 SkellefteƄ, Sweden
ERIXON, Tim D Feb 24, 1991 Port Chester, New York
ERREY, Bob RW Sep 21, 1964 Montreal, Quebec
ESPOSITO, Phil C Feb 20, 1942 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
ETEM, Emerson RW Jun 16, 1992 Long Beach, California
EVANS, Jack D Apr 21, 1928 Morriston, United Kingdom
EZINICKI, Bill RW Mar 11, 1924 Winnipeg, Manitoba
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