New York Rangers All-Time Roster

Name Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
JACKSON, Don D Sep 2, 1956 Minneapolis, Minnesota
JACKSON, Jeff LW Apr 24, 1965 Chatham, Ontario
JACKSON, Percy G Sep 21, 1907 Canmore, Alberta
JAGR, Jaromir RW Feb 15, 1972 Kladno, Czech Republic
JAMIESON, Jimmy D Mar 21, 1922 Brantford, Ontario
JANSSENS, Mark C May 19, 1968 Surrey, British Columbia
JARRETT, Doug D Apr 22, 1944 London, Ontario
JARRY, Pierre RW Mar 30, 1949 Montreal, Quebec
JEFFREY, Larry LW Oct 12, 1940 Goderich, Ontario
JENSEN, Chris RW Oct 28, 1963 Fort St. John, British Columbia
JERWA, Joe D Jan 20, 1907 Warsaw, Poland
JOHANSSON, Andreas LW May 19, 1973 Hofors, Sweden
JOHNS, Don D Dec 13, 1937 St. George, Ontario
JOHNSON, Chad G Jun 10, 1986 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
JOHNSON, Ivan "Ching" D Dec 7, 1898 Winnipeg, Manitoba
JOHNSON, Jim C Nov 7, 1942 Winnipeg, Manitoba
JOHNSSON, Kim D Mar 16, 1976 Malmö, Sweden
JOHNSTONE, Eddie RW Mar 2, 1954 Brandon, Manitoba
JOKINEN, Olli C Dec 5, 1978 Kuopio, Finland
JONES, Bob LW Nov 27, 1945 Espanola, Ontario
JUCKES, Bing LW Jun 14, 1926 Hamiota, Manitoba
JUZDA, Bill D Oct 29, 1920 Winnipeg, Manitoba
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