New York Rangers All-Time Roster

Name Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
O`CONNOR, Buddy C Jun 21, 1916 Montreal, Quebec
OATMAN, Russell LW Feb 19, 1905 Tillsonburg, Ontario
OGRODNICK, John LW Jun 20, 1959 Ottawa, Ontario
OLCZYK, Eddie LW Aug 16, 1966 Chicago, Illinois
OLESEVICH, Dan G Sep 16, 1937 Port Colborne, Ontario
OLIVER, David RW Apr 17, 1971 Sechelt, British Columbia
OLIWA, Krzysztof LW Apr 12, 1973 Tychy, Poland
ORR, Colton RW Mar 3, 1982 Winnipeg, Manitoba
ORTMEYER, Jed RW Sep 3, 1978 Omaha, Nebraska
OSBORNE, Mark LW Aug 13, 1961 Toronto, Ontario
OZOLINSH, Sandis D Aug 3, 1972 Riga, Latvia
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