New York Rangers All-Time Roster

Name Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
VADNAIS, Carol D Sep 25, 1945 Montreal, Quebec
VAIL, Sparky D Jul 5, 1906 Meaford, Ontario
VALIQUETTE, Steve G Aug 20, 1977 Etobicoke, Ontario
VAN IMPE, Darren D May 18, 1973 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
VANBIESBROUCK, John G Sep 4, 1963 Detroit, Michigan
VANDENBUSSCHE, Ryan RW Feb 28, 1973 Simcoe, Ontario
VASILIEV, Alexei D Sep 1, 1977 Yaroslavl, Russia
VERBEEK, Pat RW May 24, 1964 Sarnia, Ontario
VIAL, Dennis D Apr 10, 1969 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
VICKERS, Steve LW Apr 21, 1951 Toronto, Ontario
VILLEMURE, Gilles G May 30, 1940 Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
VIRTUE, Terry D Aug 12, 1970 Scarborough, Ontario
VOROBIEV, Vladimir RW Oct 2, 1972 Cherepovets, Russia
VOROS, Aaron LW Jul 2, 1981 Vancouver, British Columbia
VOSS, Carl C Jan 6, 1907 Chelsea, Massachusetts
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