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LaBarbera, Jason (G) ANA Jan 18, 1980 Burnaby, BC, CAN
LaFayette, Nathan (C) Feb 17, 1973 New Westminster, BC, CAN
LaFontaine, Pat (C) Feb 22, 1965 St. Louis, MO, USA
Labadie, Mike (R) Aug 17, 1932 St-Francis D'Assisi, QC, CAN
Labbe, Jean-Francois (G) Jun 15, 1972 Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
Labossiere, Gord (C) Jan 2, 1940 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Labovitch, Max (R) Jan 18, 1924 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
LaBrie, Guy (D) Aug 11, 1920 St-Charles Bellechas, QC, CAN
LaCouture, Dan (L) Apr 18, 1977 Hyannis, MA, USA
Lacroix, Daniel (L) Mar 11, 1969 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lacroix, Eric (L) Jul 15, 1971 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lafleur, Guy (R) Sep 20, 1951 Thurso, QC, CAN
Lafreniere, Jason (C) Dec 6, 1966 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
Laidlaw, Tom (D) Apr 15, 1958 Brampton, ON, CAN
Lambert, Lane (R) Nov 18, 1964 Melfort, SK, CAN
Lamirande, Jean Paul (D) Aug 21, 1924 Shawinigan Falls, QC, CAN
Lampman, Bryce (D) Aug 31, 1982 Rochester, MN, USA
Lancien, Jack (D) Jun 14, 1923 Regina, SK, CAN
Lane, Myles (D) Oct 2, 1905 Melrose, MA, USA
Langdon, Darren (L) Jan 8, 1971 Deer Lake, NL, CAN
Langlois, Al (D) Nov 6, 1934 Magog, QC, CAN
Laperriere, Ian (C) Jan 19, 1974 Montreal, QC, CAN
Laprade, Edgar (C) Oct 10, 1919 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Larmer, Steve (R) Jun 16, 1961 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Larose, Claude (L) May 17, 1955 St. Jean, QC, CAN
Larose, Cory (C) May 14, 1975 Campbellton, NB, CAN
Larouche, Pierre (C) Nov 16, 1955 Taschereau, QC, CAN
Larouche, Steve (C) Apr 14, 1971 Rouyn, QC, CAN
Larson, Norm (R) Oct 13, 1920 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Latos, Jim (R) Jan 4, 1966 Wakaw, SK, CAN
Latreille, Phil (R) Apr 22, 1938 Montreal, QC, CAN
Laviolette, Peter (D) Dec 7, 1964 Franklin, MA, USA
Lawton, Brian (C) Jun 29, 1965 New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Laycoe, Hal (D) Jun 23, 1922 Sutherland, SK, CAN
LeBrun, Al (D) Dec 1, 1940 Timmins, ON, CAN
Leavins, Jim (D) Jul 28, 1960 Dinsmore, SK, CAN
LeDuc, Albert (D) Nov 22, 1902 Valleyfield, QC, CAN
Ledyard, Grant (D) Nov 19, 1961 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Leetch, Brian (D) Mar 3, 1968 Corpus Christi, TX, USA
Lefebvre, Sylvain (D) Oct 14, 1967 Richmond, QC, CAN
Leger, Roger (D) Mar 26, 1919 L'Annonciation, QC, CAN
Legge, Randy (D) Dec 16, 1945 Newmarket, ON, CAN
Leinonen, Mikko (C) Jul 15, 1955 Tampere, FIN
Lemieux, Real (L) Jan 3, 1945 Victoriaville, QC, CAN
Leswick, Tony (L) Mar 17, 1923 Humboldt, SK, CAN
Levandoski, Joe (R) Mar 17, 1921 Cobalt, ON, CAN
Levinsky, Alex (D) Feb 2, 1910 Syracuse, NY, USA
Lewicki, Danny (L) Mar 12, 1931 Fort William, ON, CAN
Lewis, Dale (L) Jul 28, 1952 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Liba, Igor (L) Nov 4, 1960 Presov, SVK
Lidster, Doug (D) Oct 18, 1960 Kamloops, BC, CAN
Liffiton, David (D) Oct 18, 1984 Windsor, ON, CAN
Lindbom, Johan (R) Jul 8, 1971 Alvesta, SWE
Lindros, Eric (C) Feb 28, 1973 London, ON, CAN
Lintner, Richard (D) Nov 15, 1977 Trencin, SVK
Lisin, Enver (R) Apr 22, 1986 Moscow, RUS
Lochead, Bill (L) Oct 13, 1954 Forest, ON, CAN
Locke, Corey (C) May 8, 1984 Toronto, ON, CAN
Loney, Troy (L) Sep 21, 1963 Bow Island, AB, CAN
Lorentz, Jim (C) May 1, 1947 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Lowe, Kevin (D) Apr 15, 1959 Lachute, QC, CAN
Lowe, Norm "Odie" (C) Apr 15, 1928 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Luce, Don (C) Oct 2, 1948 London, ON, CAN
Lumley, Harry (G) Nov 11, 1926 Owen Sound, ON, CAN
Lund, Pentti (R) Dec 6, 1925 Karijoki, FIN
Lundmark, Jamie (C) Jan 16, 1981 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Lundqvist, Henrik (G) NYR Mar 2, 1982 Are, SWE
Lyashenko, Roman (C) May 2, 1979 Murmansk, RUS
Lynn, Vic (L) Jan 26, 1925 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
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