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Waite, Frank (C) Apr 9, 1905 Fort Qu'Appelle, SK, CAN
Walker, Gord (R) Aug 12, 1965 Castlegar, BC, CAN
Wallin, Peter (R) Apr 30, 1957 Stockholm, SWE
Ward, Aaron (D) Jan 17, 1973 Windsor, ON, CAN
Ward, Dixon (R) Sep 23, 1968 Leduc, AB, CAN
Ward, Jason (R) Jan 16, 1979 Chapleau, ON, CAN
Wares, Eddie (R) Mar 19, 1915 Calgary, AB, CAN
Warwick, Billy (L) Nov 17, 1924 Regina, SK, CAN
Warwick, Grant (R) Oct 11, 1921 Regina, SK, CAN
Watson, Phil (C) Apr 24, 1914 Montreal, QC, CAN
Webster, Chick (L) Nov 3, 1920 Toronto, ON, CAN
Weekes, Kevin (G) Apr 4, 1975 Toronto, ON, CAN
Weeks, Steve (G) Jun 30, 1958 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Weight, Doug (C) Jan 21, 1971 Detroit, MI, USA
Weise, Dale (R) MTL Aug 5, 1988 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Wells, Jay (D) May 18, 1959 Paris, ON, CAN
Wharton, Len (D) Dec 13, 1927 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Wheeldon, Simon (C) Aug 30, 1966 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Whistle, Rob (D) Apr 30, 1961 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
White, Sherman (C) May 12, 1923 Cape Tormentine, NB, CAN
White, Todd (C) May 21, 1975 Kanata, ON, CAN
Whitfield, Trent (C) Jun 17, 1977 Alameda, SK, CAN
Wickenheiser, Doug (C) Mar 30, 1961 Regina, SK, CAN
Widing, Juha (C) Jul 4, 1947 Oulu, FIN
Wiemer, Jim (D) Jan 9, 1961 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Wilkie, David (D) May 30, 1974 Ellensburg, WA, USA
Williams, Jeremy (R) Jan 26, 1984 Regina, SK, CAN
Williams, Tom (L) Feb 7, 1951 Windsor, ON, CAN
Wilson, Bert (L) Oct 17, 1949 Orangeville, ON, CAN
Wilson, Carey (C) May 19, 1962 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Wilson, Dunc (G) Mar 22, 1948 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wilson, Johnny (L) Jun 14, 1929 Kincardine, ON, CAN
Wilson, Mike (D) Feb 26, 1975 Brampton, ON, CAN
Winkler, Hal (G) Mar 20, 1892 Gretna, MB, CAN
Wiseman, Chad (L) Mar 25, 1981 Burlington, ON, CAN
Witehall, Johan (L) Jan 7, 1972 Gothenburg, SWE
Wolski, Wojtek (L) Feb 24, 1986 Zabrze, POL
Wood, Bob (D) Jul 9, 1930 Lethbridge, AB, CAN
Worsley, Lorne "Gump" (G) May 14, 1929 Montreal, QC, CAN
Woywitka, Jeff (D) Sep 1, 1983 Vermilion, AB, CAN
Wylie, Bill (C) Jul 15, 1928 Galt, ON, CAN
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