Rangers Youth Hockey Camp: Week 2 Day 4

Friday, 07.18.2014 / 12:52 PM

On Ice AM Sessions: The morning session began with players practicing on their edge work. The coaches then added pucks to the drills and included a shot at the end of the drill. Players got a chance to play 4 on 4 team keep away and then 3 on 3 with the defense’s sticks turned upside down. Goaltenders progressed into two shot drills that developed their recovery and reactionary skills.

On Ice PM Sessions: New York Rangers Alumni Adam Graves joined the players during today’s afternoon session. The focus on the afternoon session was odd man situations. Players practiced cycling and small area 1 on 1’s, 2 on 2’s and 2 on 1’s. Players also participated in a 6 shot and a bump and tip drill.

Off Ice Training: Players got a chance to work on their shooting during today’s off ice session. Coaches showed them the proper way to shoot followed by coaches or players picking a target then aiming for that target.

Dynamic Training: Led by Matt Radoslovich of Velocity Sports in Mahwah, New Jersey. Players did circuits of pushups, tug of war, and balancing. Players then ran with parachutes attached to them to give them resistance to make running more difficult. Players also got a chance to play freeze tag with different variations on how you could move around.

Classroom: Presented by Kumon; players reviewed all the materials that were gone through in the classroom regarding nutrition by playing a trivia game. The topics included hydration, exercise, proper nutrition and rest and recovery.

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