2013 New York Rangers Youth Hockey Camp presented by Chase: Week 3 Day 2 Recap

Tuesday, 07.23.2013 / 2:51 PM New York Rangers

On-Ice AM Sessions campers focused on puck control and protection through drills such as tight area horseshoe, 3 Group 1 on 1 and diminishing pucks. Each station involved 6-8 skaters/ 2 coaches and created an environment to produce better puck position, head up and proper angling.

On-Ice PM Sessions New York Ranger Alumni and 1994 Stanley Cup Champion, Adam Graves assisted coaches in the afternoon skates providing insight on passing. 2 Passes through the cones, 4 on 2 special teams and circle pass were a few stations used by the staff to increase creativity, anticipation and position with good support/target. Goalies continued work on rebound control and being in control of second save efforts. At the conclusion of the day, a brief lesson on puck handling was introduced.

Dynamic Training was led by Coach Jason Fortino of Total Nunziato Training located in Elmwood Park, NJ. Tuesday’s program consisted of lateral movements and explosiveness to develop faster transitions.

Classroom Session provided a greater insight on hydration and how it impacts an athlete’s body. Campers were provided with examples of drinks most consume on a regular basis to give them a closer look at what each actually contain in a given serving.

Off-Ice Skills Sessions Coaches broke down fundamentals of passing for campers by going over stationary, quick touch passing and a players movement with/without the puck.

Tomorrow’s Preview:

Nick Fotiu

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